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At Build-My-Bear, we don’t just offer a unique experience; we bring the FUN straight to your doorstep. Imagine the joy of creating your very own stuffed friend, right in the comfort of your own home. It’s a bear-making adventure like no other, and it’s all about making your moments magical. Let your imagination run wild and let the enchantment begin as we craft memories that last a lifetime, one furry friend at a time. 🧸✨

Pick it, Stuff it, Take it home and Love it!

At the heart of every Build-my-Bear party is our amazing “Animaland” Bear stuffing machine. It’s like magic, and it’s designed to make your teddy bears come to life! It stands five feet tall, just the right height for kids to see how it works. This machine is like a cool old gas pump, but it’s way more fun because there are no long lines to wait in when you want to stuff your own fluffy friend. Imagine having a party where you and your friends can stuff your very own animal right in your own home. We bring the party to you!

We want to make sure you have lots of choices. You can find us in La Quinta and Palm Desert, so we’re easy to reach for everyone. We have all sorts of animals to choose from, like bears, dogs, and more. And guess what? You can even dress up your new furry friend with different outfits, just like you!

“Build-My-Bear” is all about making your party awesome without any mess, setup, or cleanup. We’re here to turn your gathering into an unforgettable, stress-free celebration!

Build My Bear

Build-My-Bear mobile parties bring the magical world of stuffed animals right to your doorstep! Get ready to ‘create your own’ cuddly companion. These cuddly companions are more than just stuffed animals; they’re lifelong friends in the making. 

Fairy Dust

Bubbles, lip gloss, lotion, or bath scrub – the choice is yours, and the fun never ends! Select your product, pick the perfect shade, and add a little sparkle or shimmer for that extra touch of magic. It’s beauty and creativity combined, just the way you like it!

Squishie Bear

Welcome to the Squishie Bear Party – where the world of huggable and adorable companions meets your celebration! Get ready to ‘create your own’ soft and lovable friend ensuring smiles, laughter, and lifelong memories for your special occasion!

Private Large group Events:

Ready to Get Started?

Are you gearing up to host a grand gathering, wondering how to sprinkle some extra enchantment into the mix? Look no further than our Build-My-Bear party rentals, your ticket to an event that’s bound to be a showstopper! 🧸✨

Picture this: your outdoor gathering filled with beaming faces, each one eager to embark on a bear-making adventure. Whether you’re planning a grand family reunion, a community extravaganza, or a school carnival, our Build-My-Bear station is the secret ingredient to turn your event into an unforgettable spectacle.

With a medley of furry friends to choose from and a treasure trove of outfits and accessories, your guests will dive headfirst into a world of imagination and creativity. They’ll craft personalized bears that not only melt hearts but also serve as lasting tokens of the day’s joy and adventure!

So, if you’re on the hunt for a unique and unforgettable addition to your large group event, look no further. Our Build-My-Bear party rentals promise to make your gathering a heartwarming, unforgettable, and utterly magical affair. Get ready to create cherished memories, one teddy bear hug at a time!” 🧸❤️🌟

Everyone Remembers

Build My Bear Parties!

Whether it’s a joyous celebration of your child’s birthday or another magical moment to cherish, our Build-My-Bear party station ensures that your event will be an unforgettable experience for all your cherished guests! 🧸✨

Imagine a world where cuddly dreams come to life and furry friends become lifelong companions. At our enchanting station, young hearts will have the time of their lives creating their very own plush companions. With a sprinkle of imagination and a dash of creativity, each child will craft a unique, huggable buddy to treasure forever.

But it’s not just about the bears; it’s about the laughter, the smiles, and the heartwarming memories created in the process. Our station is a place where friendships grow stronger as children bond over stuffing, sewing, and dressing their new friends.

With a variety of cuddly creatures to choose from and a wardrobe fit for royalty, your child and their friends will embark on a journey of fun, friendship, and fantastic fashion. Whether it’s a birthday bash, a playdate extravaganza, or any special gathering, our Build-My-Bear party station transforms ordinary moments into extraordinary memories.

Custom events

Ready to Book an Event?

Looking for something truly unique to make your event unforgettable? If making your own custom bear isn’t enough for your guests, we’ve got you covered. At Build My Bear, we take it a step further by providing your guests with custom shirts for their bears, ensuring an unforgettable experience.
In addition to birthday parties, we host scout troops, weddings, sleepovers, charity events, holiday events, school events, corporate events, baby showers, large group holiday parties, Quinceaneras, Bat/Bar mitzvahs, Country Club events, Holiday parties and more.