Spin Art Station Add-On

Prepare to take your celebration to the next level of creativity with our sensational Spin Art station add-on! Picture this: a world where every child transforms into a mini-artist, and every spin of the canvas unveils a whirlwind of mesmerizing colors and patterns. It’s an artistic adventure like no other!
Whether it’s a splatter of vibrant hues or a carefully crafted design, each spin is a moment of pure wonder. The Spin Art station isn’t just an add-on; it’s the spark that turns your party into an explosion of fun and imagination! No celebration is truly complete without the whirlwind of creativity that Spin Art brings to the Build-My-Bear or Fairy Dust station.
With our Spin Art station, the magic begins as kids take their brushes and unleash their inner Picasso. They’ll watch in awe as the canvas starts to whirl, and with every drop of paint, a masterpiece is born. It’s a captivating process that sparks imagination and fuels artistic expression.
So, don’t miss out on the chance to add an extra layer of artistry and excitement to your event. Let’s make your party a canvas of joy, where every child becomes a masterful creator, and every spin tells a colorful story!” 🎨🌟🎉

Special Character Appearance

Get ready to elevate the excitement of your event with our unforgettable Character Appearance extra! Imagine the thrill when our event coordinator arrives, bringing the enchantment of a lovable red bear character. It’s a surprise that’s sure to make kids of all ages light up with joy.
This isn’t just any appearance; it’s a magical moment that sparks giggles, laughter, and cherished memories. The red bear costume is a crowd-pleaser, bringing smiles and capturing hearts. It’s the kind of surprise that turns a regular celebration into an extraordinary adventure.
With our Character Appearance extra, your party takes on a new level of fun and imagination. Our coordinator transforms into a playful and whimsical character, ready to entertain, engage, and delight the young hearts at your event. Whether it’s a birthday, special occasion, or just a day to celebrate, our special guest is here to make it unforgettable.
Don’t miss out on the chance to add this extra layer of enchantment to your event. Let’s make your party a place where imagination runs wild, laughter fills the air, and joy knows no bounds. Prepare for an unforgettable visit from a special friend who’s here to ensure your celebration is truly magical! 🎉🎈🐻

Add ons

You can add the Spin Art Station and Special Character Appearance to your party rental of the Fairy Dust Stations or the Animaland Build-My-Bear Machine when you book your party rental.