Meet The Bears

Welcome to the enchanting world of Build-my-Bear—a delightful gathering of plush, furry critters, each with its own unique name and personality waiting to capture your heart. These cuddly companions are more than just stuffed animals; they’re lifelong friends in the making. Explore their whimsical world, get to know their charming characters, and discover the joy of dressing them up in adorable outfits. Whether you’re looking for a new bedtime buddy or a gift to cherish, these bears are here to bring smiles, snuggles, and endless adventures to your world. 🐻❤️🌟

Enhancing the bear experience is our delightful ‘Wish, Hug, and Record’ ritual, where kids’ imaginations come to life. As your young adventurers embark on their bear-making journey, they not only stuff their furry friends with fluffy love but also make a cherished wish, sealing it with a star or heart insert. And that’s not all—personalization takes center stage as they have the option to add a recording device, giving their new companion a voice filled with love and laughter. Finally, the magic is sealed with an official birth certificate, a keepsake to commemorate the special day your new friend joins the family. It’s a heartwarming experience that turns stuffed bears into beloved companions! 🌟🐻❤️🎙️

Below is a small selection of some of the wonderful furry friends we have. There are much, much more!

Wiley Wolf

Rainbow Bear

Silas Sloth

Roots The Beaver

Bandit The Raccoon

Stardust The Unicorn

Black Bear

Duke The German Shepherd

Gingerbread Puppy

Mystic The Cat

Tommy The Tiger

White Kitty

Dress The Bears!

Dress your cuddly 16″ teddy bear in style with our charming collection of outfits, designed to spark imagination and endless playtime fun! Whether you have a handsome adventurer or a little fashionista in mind, our clothing range caters to all personalities and occasions. 

Clothing for your 16″ Boy Bears

For boys, we offer everything from heroic uniforms like Police, Fireman, and Marines to sporty ensembles like Baseball, Basketball, or Football. 🏈✨

Police Uniform

Air Force Uniform







Clothing for your 16″ Girl Bears

And for the girls, our selection includes magical Fairy dresses, enchanting Princess gowns, and outfits for every special moment, from birthdays to beach days. Explore our wardrobe of possibilities and let your furry friend’s personality shine! 🐻👗👑

Princess Outfit







Fairy Butterfly

Enhance Your Celebration

Add an additional layer of excitement to your party with our captivating Spin Art Station. Watch your little artists’ creativity come to life in a whirlwind of colors, making your event an explosion of fun and imagination. And for an extra dose of magic, consider our Special Character Appearance, where beloved characters come to life, delighting kids with unforgettable moments. Elevate the joy of your celebration and create cherished memories!

With our Spin Art station, the magic begins as kids take their brushes and unleash their inner Picasso. They’ll watch in awe as the canvas starts to whirl, and with every drop of paint, a masterpiece is born. It’s a captivating process that sparks imagination and fuels artistic expression.

With our Character Appearance extra, your party takes on a new level of fun and imagination. Our coordinator transforms into a playful and whimsical character, ready to entertain, engage, and delight the young hearts at your event. Whether it’s a birthday, special occasion, or just a day to celebrate, our special guest is here to make it unforgettable.

You can add the Spin Art Station and Special Character Appearance to your party rental of the Fairy Dust Stations or the Animaland Build-My-Bear Machine when you book your party rental.

Book a Build My Bear Party!

Experience the enchantment of Build My Bear – where every party becomes a heartwarming adventure filled with creativity and joy. Bring your teddy bear to life, stuff it with love, and create cherished memories that last a lifetime. It’s not just a bear; it’s a friend for every moment. Join the fun and let the magic begin!